Disston™ Company Introduces New Fit-Al® Jigsaw Blade

Chicopee, MA – WEBWIRE – Friday, April 25, 2014

Disston™, the global manufacturer of a wide range of power tool accessory products for DIY, contractor and industrial markets, has just developed and launched a new line of jigsaw blades utilizing exclusive patented technology named the Fit-Al®.

The new line of products will cover a variety of tough task situations: cutting in wood, plastic, metal, ceramic and tile. The Fit-Al blades will be offered in high carbon steel, high speed steel, bi-metal and tungsten carbide. True to the Disston line of saw blade products, the Fit-Al jigsaw line will offer precision ground teeth for better life and performance.

The announcement was made by Jim Kenney, Product Marketing Manager for Disston.