Disston Company Launches Inventor Submission Portal

Idea_LightBulb_webSince its beginnings in 1840, Disston Company knew that to compete in the global market, they would need superior manufacturing, a vision for innovation, and an earnestness of spirit. Disston has remained steadfast in this belief for more than 175 years, providing customers with the optimum blend of value, performance, and integrity. Now the future of the toolmaker may be in the hands (and minds) of its valued customers.

As the old saying goes, “An idea is only as good as its execution.” With that in mind, Disston Company has made the decision to add an Inventor Submission page to their website. Disston is proud to support a wide customer base that ranges from everyday home do-it-yourselfers to suppliers and buyers for major hardware stores. The inclusion of this page now makes it easier for Disston to improve their customer’s experience with their products – straight from the source. Users can now reach out to Disston with patented innovative ideas and concepts, comments for improving existing products or suggestions for brand new products.

“We at Disston Company are very proud of our Research and Development department as well as our Marketing Department,” says Mark Marzeotti, VP of Sales and Marketing for Disston Company. “However, we respect our end-users in that often times, they know of better ways to get a job done. Rather than the traditional way of driving a fastener or boring a hole, their many years of experience may lend creativity to a new way. And often times this new idea is brought to reality through an invention.”

Marzeotti goes on to state that Disston has received numerous calls over the years with ideas and pitches, but has never before had a formal channel available to customers for gathering information to funnel through to new product development. “Often, what is missing from a great new idea is the ability to get it in front of the retailers and buyers who can say ‘YES.’ That’s where our inventors’ tab becomes valuable,” says Marzeotti. “The inventor can discreetly and securely upload their idea for vetting by our seasoned team. If the idea is deemed to have merit, an agreement will be struck with the inventor and developed to reach the marketplace. Our customers now have the avenue for their ideas and suggestions to be properly heard.”

Have an idea or an improvement on a Disston product?
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