The Disston Tools OMNITABLE is the Solution to Your Workshop Problems

The new OmniTable from Disston Tools is the 4-in-1 workbench for all of your needs. Made for both professionals and home users, the multi-purpose work surface has a 500 lb. duty rated capacity and over 10 built-in features. Why do you need this in your tool arsenal? Keep reading to find out!

Problem: You Want the Ability to Go High AND Low

Solution: Ladders are a hassle to get out, and they only let you go up. Get down to those low places when you collapse the OmniTable’s legs to make a rolling creeper or for a quick dolly when moving heavy pieces of furniture and  supplies.

Can’t reach where you’re trying to hang shelves? Shorten the legs of the OmniTable for a scaffold at just the right height and you will never have to worry about falling on the non-slip surface (or getting out the ladder).

Problem: You Mess up Your Measurements

Solution: There is nothing worse than measuring for a cut and seeing it’s not straight. Say goodbye to post-cut anger with the OmniTable! The cutting groove keeps everything straight. And for even more complicated measurements, the built-in protractor will be the perfect guide.

Problem: You Use More Than One Electric Tool for a Project

Solution: Staying close to a wall to use an electric outlet  is not ideal — that’s why wireless phones, laptops and extension cords were invented! The OmniTable’s 110V power strip lets you use up to three electric tools and is turned on by simply plugging in an extension cord.

Problem: You Lose Everything

Solution: Screws, nails and drill bits seem to always disappear. Never misplace those tiny pieces again with the OmniTable’s built-in accessory storage tray. You can even put the drill bits to use with the drill hole cut into the table, so you don’t have to worry about drilling through the surface.

Problem: You Want To Be Able to Work Anywhere

Solution: Projects can spring up anywhere, so you need a portable work surface readily available. The carry handle and collapsible legs let you take the OmniTable everywhere you go. Plus, the reversible top panel provides a work surface and a side for the dolly, creeper and scaffold, so everything is with you always.

Problem: You Need Something That Will Last

Solution: You’ve had your fair share of cheap or poorly made tools, but enough is enough. The OmniTable has a durable cutting and steel hammer surface to keep you working for years to come.


The OmniTable is just one innovative product from Disston Tools. Check out everything else we offer here!


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