Product Spotlight: Blu-Mol® Xtreme Power Wood Boring Bits

Each month Disston Company spotlights a different product, including tips on getting the best possible performance. This month:

Blu-Mol® Xtreme Power Wood Boring Bits

What is it: Blu-Mol Xtreme Power Wood Boring Bits are perfect for all-general drilling in wood. These bits feature a unique flute design that ensures faster chip ejection and are fully heat treated for increased durability.

Product Details:

– 6-1/2″ Length

– Seven different diameter choices, ranging from 1/2″ to 1-1/4”

– 1/4″ Quick-change shank


– 1/4″ Quick-change shank makes the tool exchange quick when used with 1/4″ quick-change chucks.

– Solid center design for a strong durable tool for drilling.

– Wide flutes eject wood chips fast.

– Screw tip pulls the bit into the work piece for fast start and less user force while drilling.

– Single-spur cutting edge creates a smoother finished hole.

Tips for Getting the Best Out of Your Bits:

Wood Boring Bits should only be used on wood, never any glass, metal, or masonry jobs.

– Let the drill do the work. Putting too much pressure on the drill can make the bit work less efficiently, and may even cause it to break.

– To prevent over-drilling through wood, first measure the depth your drill bit needs to go to, then wrap a piece of tape on the bit at the mark. Attach the two ends of the tape to form a flag. When the flag starts “sweeping” away the sawdust, you’ll know you’ve reached your depth.

– When drilling straight through a piece of wood, you’ll often experience what’s known as “blow out.” This is when the bit comes out the other side and creates nasty splinters and chips. Avoid this by putting a piece of “sacrifice board” underneath the piece you’re drilling through. It will make the back end of the hole come out much cleaner.

– Another way to prevent damage to your drill bits is to keep them stored in a protective container, rather than leaving them loose.

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