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Each month Disston spotlights a different product, including tips on getting the best possible performance. This month:

RemGrit® Carbide Grit Rod Saw Blades

What is it: RemGrit® Carbide Grit Rod Saw Blades have carbide particles bonded to an alloy steel rod. This saw cuts extremely abrasive materials with no teeth to chip or dull. Carbide grit offers the greatest wear and heat resistance. Ideal for materials that other saws will not cut. Rod design gets into tight areas and cuts on both strokes.

Product Details:

– 10″ or 12” x .100″

– Fine or medium grit

– Packaged in singles or packs of 50 blades


– Fits any standard hack-saw frame

– Carbide particles bonded to a steel blade

– Perfect for cutting abrasive materials

– No teeth to chip or dull

– Wear and heat resistant

– Cuts on both forward and backward strokes

Tips for Getting the Best Out of Your Blades:

– Rod saw blades are meant for cutting extremely abrasive materials such as graphite and ceramic.

When cutting any type of composites, it is important to wear protective gear to prevent inhalation, ingestion, or direct exposure to cut materials. Have a face mask, protective eye wear, and gloves accessible and work in a well-ventilated area.

– Measure the desired length for cutting, then re-measure and mark the cut location using a felt tip or china marker, allowing for saw kerf, which is the width of the cut.

– Placing masking tape over the cut point will minimize splintering during cutting and produce a cleaner final cut.

– If possible, clamp your cutting material securely to a stable surface to expedite the cut and reduce breakage.

– Using a light mist of water during cutting will lubricate the saw cut and ensure a cleaner final product. Thicker materials may require lubricating with cutting oil.

– Make clean up easier by placing a damp towel under the cutting area to catch the fibers.


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