Product Number: 352

1″ x .035″ RemGrit Carbide Grit Bandsaw Blade

RemGrit® cuts through materials conventional tooth blades can’t penetrate! Recommended for use in super alloys, fiberglass, honeycomb, foamed glass, hardened steel, graphite composites, fiber cement board and composite deck material.

  • Gulleted edge features tungsten carbide grit bonded to an alloy steel back.
  • Carbide particle placement enables band to be run in either direction.
  • Unequalled life and cutting performance for hard or abrasive material.

Specialty cutting applications require a specially designed product. The tungsten carbide Grit-Edge on each RemGrit product equips it to handle the toughest materials, from ceramic tile to marble and glass. Thousands of carbide particles are permanently bonded to the cutting edge precisely for specific cutting and drilling needs. RemGrit® accessories have no teeth to dull or chip and offer incredible resistance to heat.