Product Number: GG12BL / E0406180

12″ RemGrit® Carbide Grit Rod Saw Blade – Medium

Product Features / Usage

RemGrit® Carbide Grit Rod Saw Blades have carbide particles bonded to an alloy steel rod. This saw cuts extremely abrasive materials with no teeth to chip or dull. Carbide grit offers the greatest wear and heat resistance. Ideal for materials that other saws will not cut. Rod design gets into tight areas and cuts on both strokes. Fits any standard hack frame.

  • Fits any standard hack frame.
  • Carbide particles bonded to a steel blade.
  • Cuts extremely abrasive materials.
  • No teeth to chip or dull.
  • Wear and heat resistant.
  • Cuts on both strokes.
  • 12″ x .100″
  • Medium grit
  • Package of 1

Specialty cutting applications require a specially designed product. The tungsten carbide Grit-Edge on each RemGrit product equips it to handle the toughest materials, from ceramic tile to marble and glass. Thousands of carbide particles are permanently bonded to the cutting edge precisely for specific cutting and drilling needs. RemGrit® accessories have no teeth to dull or chip and offer incredible resistance to heat.