Product Number: 3310 / E0102672

31/64″ Blu-Mol® Xtreme Cobalt Drill Bit

Product Features / Usage

Blu-Mol® Xtreme Cobalt M35 drill bits provide superior specialized performance needed for extreme high heat encountered with drilling in hard metal, heat-treated steel and stainless steel.

  • Three flat shank stays securely gripped in drill chuck.
  • 135° split point angle allows faster aggressive cutting.
  • Quad Point tip design starts on contact without walking.
  • M35 high-speed steel with 5% cobalt content for strong durable performance in hard metal drilling applications.
  • 31/64″ Diameter
  • 3/8″ Shank
  • 135° split point angle
  • Quad Point tip
  • M35 high-speed steel with 5% cobalt content

When industrial grade cutting is needed, Blu-Mol® Xtreme is the choice of professionals whose jobs depend on success. From bi-metal demolition blades to patented hole saws Blu-Mol® Xtreme products are designed for ultimate performance.