Product Number: 6464 / E0102317

2-7/8″ Blu-Mol® Xtreme Bi-Metal Grit Edge Jig Saw Blades (2 pack)

Product Features / Usage

Blu-Mol® Xtreme Bi-Metal Jig Saw Blades are for cutting metals, steel and stainless steel. Their high strength steel cutting edges are hardened and offer the flexibility required for durable, longer lasting blades. Made for heavy duty cutting in wood and metal.

  • For cutting wood, metals, steel and stainless steel.
  • Fit-Al® shank takes the place of U-shank and T-shank.

When industrial grade cutting is needed, Blu-Mol® Xtreme is the choice of professionals whose jobs depend on success. From bi-metal demolition blades to patented hole saws Blu-Mol® Xtreme products are designed for ultimate performance.