Product Number: 5547 / E0102465

Blu-Mol® Xtreme Hole Enlarger

Hole Enlargement Arbor is for enlarging an existing hole or one you just drilled, offering a second chance at drilling a hole to the size needed. The smaller hole saw becomes the pilot for the larger hole saw. Minimum hole enlargement is 3/16″ between the diameter of the pilot saw and that of the cutting saw. The arbor’s 1/4″ shank replaces the pilot bit for most hole saw mandrels and accepts both 1/2″ and 5/8″ threaded cutters. The arbor’s two flat sides for a 5/8″ wrench prevent the wrench from slipping. This tool is handy when you need to increase pipe opening holes or retrofit an old door with a new lock.

•  For use with all hole saw brands
•  For use with all mandrel brands
•  Easy to use
•  Clamshell packaging
•  Produced of High Speed Steel
•  Long life
•  Screw a pilot saw onto the arbor, then insert the shank into the enlarging hole saw

•  Produced of High Speed Steel
•  Packed 1/card

When industrial grade cutting is needed, Blu-Mol® Xtreme is the choice of professionals whose jobs depend on success. From bi-metal demolition blades to patented hole saws Blu-Mol® Xtreme products are designed for ultimate performance.