Tips for Cleaning Your Hole Saws

Tips for Cleaning Your Hole Sawscleaning hole saws

At Disston we offer a wide range of hole saws perfect for any job from wood to plastic to even the most abrasive of materials. But we also know that using these saws can often come with some post-work clean-up and maintenance. Below, we offer a few tips for a simpler way to clean your hole saws.

Don’t Disassemble Yet. Hole saws are commonly clogged with “plugs” of wood or shavings from usage. Often this can be rectified without having to take apart your saw so at first, attempt to remove the plug with the arbor still attached. NOTE: Be sure to unplug the saw before you begin.

Tip: Stop the Problem Before It Starts. Oscillating your hole saw while making the cut will create a wider kerf, allowing the plug to often fall right out of the bit.

Pry Away. Hole saws normally have slots in their sides, but did you know that our hole saws feature innovative features such as cats eye openings on the back plate for easier plug removal and line of sight visibility (like in our Blu-Mol Xtreme Bi-Metal Hole Saws) or a self-ejecting plug removal (like in our Blu-Mol Sheet Metal Hole Saws) so cleaning can be as simple as using a screw driver to pry out the scrap. Check out the full range of premium Blu-Mol Xtreme Bi-Metal Hole Saws here.

Tip: Still Stuck on Stubborn Plugs? Consider enlarging the holes on the back or sides of your hole saw using a file.

Grab a Blu-Mol Plug Extractor. Disston is proud to announce the addition of Blu-Mol Hole Saw Plug Extractors to our line of products. Safely remove plugs from your hole saws using this fast and easy tool. Simply unscrew the arbor, then place the open end of extractor around the hole saw with the prongs inserted into the side openings of the saw and slowly pull the plug out using the no-slip grip coated handle. This extractor works with most hole saws 3″ diameter or smaller and is easy to use for everyone from DIYers to professionals. SEE IT HERE

Tip: Grease Up. Spraying the inside of your hole saw bit with WD40 or a blade lubricant before making the cut will help to reduce clogging. This will also make pushing out the scrap much easier. NOTE: Be sure to apply the WD40 before operating the saw, never while it is in use.

Tip: No Holes? No Problem. No side slots in your hole saw? Drive one to two screws into the face of the plug and use them to twist/pull it out.

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