Product Number: AG4412 / E0102953

Aggressor Portable Bandsaw Blade – 10/14TPI (3 pack)

Aggressor® portable bandsaw blades feature teeth with uniform spacing and gulleted depth. They offer improved cut quality and shock resistance, and also resist tooth strippage. These blades are made to cut aluminum, cast iron, chrome, stainless steel and tungsten steel. They also cut other problem materials at lower speed.

  • Aggressor Portable Bandsaw Blades are made from solid carbon steel.
  • Cuts aluminum, cast iron, chrome, stainless steel and tungsten steel.
  • Cuts other problem materials at lower speed.
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  • 10/14 teeth per inch
  • 44-7/8″ length x 1/2″ width x 0.20″ thickness
  • Variable pitch
  • Package of 3


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Aggressor® band saws are an industry leader recognized year-in and year-out for industrial-grade performance. Aggressor® band saw blades range in width from ¼” to 2” and are available in a variety of materials and tooth configurations to meet a full complement of cutting needs.